Pumpkin Blossom

Here are a few shots of a new linocut I have been working on.  The linoleum I used was a clear and very soft linoleum called Clear Carve.  For this print I cut the linoleum into two pieces which I inked and printed separately. pumpkinBlossom2 pumpkinBlossom1 pumpkinBlossom3pumpkinBlossom4

Self Portrait with One-Eyed Cat


I think this print pretty much captures Gary’s attitude…or should I say “catittude”? No, no I should not.

SelfWithGary1 SelfWithGary2 Linocut print  featuring my beloved studio cat, Gary.

Litho and Lino

RosesPrint1 rosesprint2 rosesprint3Hello everybody!  Here are some images of a new linocut I’m working on.  The ones with the sweet mint green/ gold background are actually printed onto a lithograph made by a printmakerly friend of mine named Melody Levin.

Sparkle Motion

A while ago I offered my mom a linocut of a kitten.  She asked if I could please cover it in glitter.  So here it is covered in glitter.

CatGlitterI am very elegant and my art is sophisticated.

Summer Woodcut Workshop

Hello everybody!  I just wanted to share a few images from the woodcut printmaking workshop I lead last week at the Fresno Art Museum. It was only a day long workshop and most of the group was totally new to printmaking, but almost everyone managed to complete two pieces.  I was very impressed!

Carving away!

Carving away!

Experimenting with color.

Experimenting with color.

LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint8 LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint6 LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint4

My demo print for the class.

My demo print for the class.

LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint15 LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint16

I’m so excited about my next workshop, printing without a press!  Woot!  P.S. There are also more photos and other printmakerly stuff over at my facebook page.

Print and Glory on Valley PBS


Hey everybody! I just wanted to share this short piece from Valley PBS on Fresno Art Hop.  It features several local artists including me and fellow printmaker Zachery Bland.  They kept asking us about the gallery and Art Hop in general…but all we wanted to do was talk printing.  I’m glad we made it into the final edit anyway.

This was filmed at a gallery called Corridor 2122.  Zach and I were there representing Print and Glory, doing a live t-shirt printing.  Print and Glory is the Fresno State printmaking club made up of students (like Zach), instructors, and community members like myself.  Print and Glory does live printing events around the Valley in order to raise money for the printmaking club, pay for visiting artists, and host free workshops for students and the public.  These live printings are also a way for us to engage with the community, and familiarize and educate people about what printmaking is and why it is awesome.

Clear Carve Contest: I Clearly Want to Win This Press

Hey everybody.  I’ve been working on a few entries for this printmaking contest that’s being co-sponsored by Blick art supplies and Clear Carve Linoleum which is, as their name suggests, a company that makes clear linoleum.  The contest rules require that entrants create a print using Clear Carve Linoleum, and the winner gets a Blick Model II etching press!  How awesome is that?  If you are interested in entering the contest yourself, you can find more info here.  Good luck and happy carving, you guys!ClearCarve1 ClearCarve2

Gary trying to figure out if this is something he can can eat, sleep on, or poop on.  He has no use for anything that does not fall into one of those three categories.  Those are the only three things he does.

Gary trying to figure out if Clear Carve Linoleum is something he can can eat, sleep on, or poop on. He has no use for anything that does not fall into one of those three categories. Those are the only three things he does.


Radiant Skull


Howdy everybody!  I recently printed an edition verie of woodcuts called “Radiant Skull.”  In an edition verie, as opposed to a regular edition in which all of the prints are more or less identical, a few individual prints in the edition might be printed on different papers or in differnt colors of ink.  In the case of this particular edition verie, every print in the edition of 38 is unique.  I hope you enjoy this little animation I made of the prints!

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