I don’t know what you did but she looks pissed.


No diggity, I’ve got to (tote) bag it up…

IMG_3157 IMG_3172 -1 -2 BlockFace IMG_3182Hey everybody!  I have been doing a lot of carving and a lot of printing in preparation for tomorrow’s Fresno Mini Maker Faire!  We printed the woodblock onto somewhere around 75 canvas tote bags.  At the event me and some other members of the Fresno/ CSU Fresno print community will be printing them onto shirts as well!  I’m so delighted that I had the chance to design and print this block for the event, and can’t wait to see what all of the other makers have in store!




Sometimes when I can’t sleep I relax myself by imagining elaborate  fantasy stories.  You know, with like mages and assassins and a bad ass warrior queen…who  runs a small print studio on the side.  Anyway, I usually don’t make it much past figuring out everyone’s clothes before I zonk out.

From my Sketchbook: Hella Science

HellaScienceFinalHey everybody!  Here’s a little piece from my sketchbook.  This is what happens when I sketch while watching the new Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Have any of your guys been watching that?  It’s so good!  Also,  is it just me or do Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Illusive Man seem to have the same interior decorator? (Give yourself a big hand if you got that joke.  You’re a huge nerd!) In other news, I recently returned from the Southern Graphics Council conference, which is an annual printmaking conference.  It was amazing and super fun and, lucky me, was held for the first time ever on the West Coast.  Ha ha!  You can see pictures of the printmakerly wonderment here.   Did anyone of you guys attend SGC this year?  If so, send me links to your pictures!

Wallpaper: Ruby, My Dear


1280 x 1040       1024 x 768             800 x 600

iphone (320 x 480)     iphone 4 (640 x 960)     iphone 5 (640 x 1136)

Stuff I’m sure you already know, but let’s review just in case:  These wallpapers are for your personal use only.  If you are interested in using any of my work for commercial applications, or would like to hire me to do some awesome design and/ or illustration work for you, just drop me a line at


P.S. Ruby, My Dear

Print in Progress: Gold

Hey Everybody!  I’ve got a few pictures to share of a print I’m working on right now.  It is a very tiny  multi-block linocut, the blocks of which are just 2in x 2in.  I’ve got two runs printed and one run to go.  And I think they’re looking pretty adorable.  What do you think?


Just look at those majesty lines!  Prrrrrow!

Just look at those majesty lines! Prrrrrow!


In other news, I am heading up north today for this year’s Southern Graphic’s Council Conference!  I’m so excited! Will I see any of you there?

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