New Prints!

Fun fact: I have been up to a lot of screen printing lately.  This is the latest in a series of prints I’ve been doing based on different places I have lived.  This print depicts the city where I grew up, Fontana, California.  The “K” at the bottom stands for Kaiser Steel.

Fontana1 Fontana2


3 responses to “New Prints!

  1. Christianna Gatherer

    These turned out super sweet, you were right!
    So I showed the Tshirt thing to Nick and he thought my stencil on my screen idea was NOt the best way to do it (go figure). He said printing out the contour of each color or shade and then screen blocking, OR if we print out the whole thing we can do the dot pattern with photo emulsion…. But he said we need a photoshop wizard to do this…. He also suggested taking a picture of our actual tools instead of that china picture with the water mark i was using lol.
    If you would be so kind as to help us out, I will buy you lunch one day, and we’ll get to use Nick’s T-shirt carousel! Wooot!

  2. Hey, I would be happy to help out. I will be in the studio next Friday. Maybe we could work on it then?

    • Anna

      He was talking about printing the t-shirts Friday, I think the ceramics club is going to do a fundraiser and he might have wanted it ready before then but I’m not sure.. I can ask him on Monday, and I can also swing by after my class on Tuesday.

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