From my Sketchbook – Breakfast Nook

Hello everybody!  I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  I moved recently and have thus been spending all of my time hauling boxes, assembling flat-pack furniture, and not having any idea where my dust pan is.  And that has left very little time for sketching and posting.  But today I finally have a little something for you.  RoomIllustration1

P.S. This is not a drawing of my house.  My house looks nothing like this.  For one thing I don’t own a dining room table (I mean c’mon, what do you think this is, the Ritz?!).  Oh I’m sorry…did you say something?  Did you just say that after posting no new work for almost a month and then posting some drawing of a breakfast nook that ISN’T EVEN ACTUALLY IN MY HOME that I should feel ashamed of myself, and that you, as a loyal reader of this blog feel disappointed and, let’s be real here, BETRAYED?  That you expected something more flashy?  More interesting?  Maybe something with a sci-fi twist?  Well first of all, dear reader, that’s kind of a crappy attitude.  But I want to make you happy.  So here you go.RoomIllustration2It’s the same drawing, but with me as a robot.  Oh man, is that cool or what?  The future is here…AND IT’S ME! What’s that you say?  It’s still missing something?  Today’s blog readers demand something more dynamic, more mesmerizing, more action packed?  Well I think I’ve got you covered…RoomIllustration3It’s the same drawing again, but with me as a robot WITH LASER VISION exploding the credenza.  Boo ya!  You know, it took a while, but I think I’m finally getting a hang of this art thing.


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