Live Printing for the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno

Last week I had the pleasure of representing Print & Glory at a benefit for the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno at Studio Itz.  There were some great readings, musical performances, and  we did some live t-shirt printing to raise funds for the ICC and our new neighbors, the fifteen refugee families from Syria living here in Fresno.

I’m so glad that I was able to participate in this wonderful event and even got the chance to design and carve a custom woodblock just for the occasion.


If you are interested in donating to the Islamic cultural Center of Fresno, you can do so here!


The Big Chop

Hey everybody!  A while ago I had the pleasure of doing some design work for a great short film called “The Big Chop.”  This incredibly sweet, funny film written by Alisha Cowen and directed by Derek Dow is currently streaming on HBO.  I hope you will all check it out!

Final Day at the FAM Printmaking Workshop

Hey everybody!  My printmaking workshop at the Fresno Art Museum wrapped up on Saturday. Here are a few shots from the day.  I’m so impressed with the work that everyone produced!workshop1 workshop7 workshop5 workshop2 workshop3 workshop4 workshop6By the way, on Saturday April 12th the Fresno Art Museum will be hosting the Fresno Mini Maker Faire, which is going to be pretty cool.   I’ll be there printing woodblocks onto t-shirts!  So come and say hello!

Creative Pay-It-Forward

Hey everybody!  So just last weekend I heard that the print/papercut collage I made as part of creative pay-it-forward made it safely to it’s destination.  Then today, I received a creative pay-it-forward package from Diane over at Garden Sunshine!


Gary asks “Is this for me?”

The package was crammed with tons of beautiful stuff! A calendar, a dish cloth, my name artfully embroidered  on silver fabric.  The package also included what Diane refers to as “maybe the worlds most hideous notebook.” Lucky for me, this particular brand of hideous, which involves ridiculous amounts of glitter and rhinestones, is right up my alley!

Payitforward3Everything is gorgeous, but this pin is definitely may favorite of the bunch.


And she even spelled my name right! Diane, you are too good!

If you would be interested in participating in this pay-it-forward project here’s how it works:  Comment on this post and you will receive, at some point this year, some kind of art/craft/piece of handmade goodness from me.  In return, you have to make the same offer to five other people.  I still have 4 spots left on my list, so comment if you’re down! And thank you so much Diane for all the goodies!




Those are some pretty good deals.

Those are some pretty good deals.


FUN FACT: I moved recently.  In the process of packing and unpacking all of my stuff, I found these sweet post-it drawings. Oh monster cat, you are so bloodthirsty…so adhesive.

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