Print in Progress: Little Bat

Hey everybody!  Here are a few images of a new piece I’m working on; a small linocut of a cute little bat.

Sketching out the design on the lino block in pencil.

Sketching out the design on the lino block in pencil.


As always, Tali supervises my progress.

As always, Tali supervises the process.


Going back into the drawing to mark where I will be making cuts.

Going back into the drawing to mark where I will be making cuts.


Carving away!

Carving away!  (OMG look at those fangs!  You can just tell that bat is so stoked to be a bat, you know?)


I will post more as the progress continues.  P.S. Do you enjoy this blog but would like to follow me on a social media platform that I update more frequently, has less text, more pictures, and a lot more selfies/ pictures of my cat?  Then you should follow me on instagram, homie!


Printmaker Gift Exchange: Part 2

Hey everybody!  So this is the second part of the 2-part print exchange I participated in back in December and posted about here.    The first half was an exchange portfolio of small little postcard sized prints.  For the second half, each participating artist printed a single t-shirt that related to the image on their postcard print.  So in the end, everyone ended up with a complete portfolio of prints, and a unique, hand-printed shirt.  It was pretty awesome.

Since my little print was of the moon, it seemed only appropriate that my shirt should bear the image of the Apollo Lunar Module. Generally I like to carve wood, but lately I’ve been really into carving stamps out of super soft linoleum.  Here’s my cute little Lunar Module linoleum stamp!


Adorable!  As soft and pink as a mouse’s tummy.  Is that an expression?  No it is not.  But it should be. *

There are two things I really love about making these lino stamps.

1. Because the linoleum is so soft, it takes almost no pressure to get a nice, crisp impression. Just ink your stamp up real nice and apply pressure with your finger tips. How easy is that? (Super easy!)

2. You don’t have to carve out all of your negative space – you just chop it off with an Exacto knife! BOOM!

Here are a couple tests I did on newsprint before stamping onto the shirt.

LeeAnnDiCicco_LunarModule4 LeeAnnDiCicco_LunarModule2

And here’s the final product.


This project combined my love of printmaking, space exploration, and half-drop patterns in a way that no other project has before.

And finally, here are some shots from the clean-up which I’ve always felt, visually speaking, was a very underrated part of the process.  I mean look at that!  So  inky.  So beautiful.

LeeAnnDiCicco_LunarModule5 LeeAnnDiCicco_LunarModule6


*It has come to my attention that mouse tummies are not pink.  That may explain why this phrase is not catching on…like, at all!

Pumpkin Blossom

Here are a few shots of a new linocut I have been working on.  The linoleum I used was a clear and very soft linoleum called Clear Carve.  For this print I cut the linoleum into two pieces which I inked and printed separately. pumpkinBlossom2 pumpkinBlossom1 pumpkinBlossom3pumpkinBlossom4

Self Portrait with One-Eyed Cat


I think this print pretty much captures Gary’s attitude…or should I say “catittude”? No, no I should not.

SelfWithGary1 SelfWithGary2 Linocut print  featuring my beloved studio cat, Gary.

Litho and Lino

RosesPrint1 rosesprint2 rosesprint3Hello everybody!  Here are some images of a new linocut I’m working on.  The ones with the sweet mint green/ gold background are actually printed onto a lithograph made by a printmakerly friend of mine named Melody Levin.

Sparkle Motion

A while ago I offered my mom a linocut of a kitten.  She asked if I could please cover it in glitter.  So here it is covered in glitter.

CatGlitterI am very elegant and my art is sophisticated.

Clear Carve Contest: I Clearly Want to Win This Press

Hey everybody.  I’ve been working on a few entries for this printmaking contest that’s being co-sponsored by Blick art supplies and Clear Carve Linoleum which is, as their name suggests, a company that makes clear linoleum.  The contest rules require that entrants create a print using Clear Carve Linoleum, and the winner gets a Blick Model II etching press!  How awesome is that?  If you are interested in entering the contest yourself, you can find more info here.  Good luck and happy carving, you guys!ClearCarve1 ClearCarve2

Gary trying to figure out if this is something he can can eat, sleep on, or poop on.  He has no use for anything that does not fall into one of those three categories.  Those are the only three things he does.

Gary trying to figure out if Clear Carve Linoleum is something he can can eat, sleep on, or poop on. He has no use for anything that does not fall into one of those three categories. Those are the only three things he does.

Print in Progress: Gold

Hey Everybody!  I’ve got a few pictures to share of a print I’m working on right now.  It is a very tiny  multi-block linocut, the blocks of which are just 2in x 2in.  I’ve got two runs printed and one run to go.  And I think they’re looking pretty adorable.  What do you think?


Just look at those majesty lines!  Prrrrrow!

Just look at those majesty lines! Prrrrrow!


In other news, I am heading up north today for this year’s Southern Graphic’s Council Conference!  I’m so excited! Will I see any of you there?

DIY Valentine

Hey everybody!  Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d put together a little something for you that combines handmade printmaking and DIY crafting.  Wanna see? Here it is!This card is based on a linoleum cut print that I pulled by hand.  Now you can print this puppy out on some cardstock, cut it out, and you’ve got a unique valentine with a handmade look.  I hope you enjoy, and give it to someone special.

Carvin' out the block.

Carvin’ out the block.


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