New Prints – Photochemical Smog


This is my latest screenprint. It is another image of Fontana, Ca, where I grew up. On the bottom half there are rolling hills and a smoggy sky. On the top half is a representation of Nitrogen Dioxide, a very nasty, brown-colored gas that is one of the many components of photochemical smog.


Note: I feel that my prints depicting Fontana have had a fairly negative tone. The themes that I’ve been exploring lately (pollution, economic decline, gang violence) have been, and continue to be, very serious problems for the city. I just wanted to say that I know that there is more to Fontana than it’s problems. I actually loved growing up there. I had the good fortune of knowing a lot of really wonderful people there, and attending some truly outstanding schools, specifically Jurupa Hills Elementary and Sequoia Middle School (Fontana Unified represent, what WHAT!). So it wasn’t all bad. Fontana does have good things going for it. The air quality is just not one of them.


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