Big Printing

Hey everybody!  Back in 2013 I posted some images of a giant woodblock I carved being steamroller printed at the Taste the Arts festival in Visalia, California.  But did you know that I also have video of this glorious printmakerly occasion!  Well I do!  And I finally posted it online! Check it out!

Did you noticed that at the end I sound really pleased and surprised that it actually turned out? Well that’s because as cool as steamroller printing is, it’s much more about making a spectacle, and not really a terribly effective way to get nice crisp prints. We only got about 3 decent prints of my block that day which was just not enough to satisfy my need to edition this sucker.  So just a couple months ago I got a hold some over-sized mulberry paper and thought I would try printing this monstrosity by hand.  And it actually came out pretty well.

Jammin' away on this giant block with my tiny spoon.

Jammin’ away on this giant block with my tiny spoon.




IMG_4012 Close-up of the final piece.


This wouldn’t fit on my drying rack so I stuck it on my easel.


The whole ordeal was pretty time consuming, but not as difficult as I thought it would be.  When I first tried hand printing this thing I only had enough paper to make two impressions.  But I just ordered a couple of new rolls of over-sized paper and am hoping to start making more of these beauties in the next few weeks. Also, the realization that hand burnishing a block this large really isn’t that difficult has definitely inspired me to keep working at this scale.   I’m already planning my next giant piece.  I’ll keep you guys posted!


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