Printmaker Gift Exchange: Part 2

Hey everybody!  So this is the second part of the 2-part print exchange I participated in back in December and posted about here.    The first half was an exchange portfolio of small little postcard sized prints.  For the second half, each participating artist printed a single t-shirt that related to the image on their postcard print.  So in the end, everyone ended up with a complete portfolio of prints, and a unique, hand-printed shirt.  It was pretty awesome.

Since my little print was of the moon, it seemed only appropriate that my shirt should bear the image of the Apollo Lunar Module. Generally I like to carve wood, but lately I’ve been really into carving stamps out of super soft linoleum.  Here’s my cute little Lunar Module linoleum stamp!


Adorable!  As soft and pink as a mouse’s tummy.  Is that an expression?  No it is not.  But it should be. *

There are two things I really love about making these lino stamps.

1. Because the linoleum is so soft, it takes almost no pressure to get a nice, crisp impression. Just ink your stamp up real nice and apply pressure with your finger tips. How easy is that? (Super easy!)

2. You don’t have to carve out all of your negative space – you just chop it off with an Exacto knife! BOOM!

Here are a couple tests I did on newsprint before stamping onto the shirt.

LeeAnnDiCicco_LunarModule4 LeeAnnDiCicco_LunarModule2

And here’s the final product.


This project combined my love of printmaking, space exploration, and half-drop patterns in a way that no other project has before.

And finally, here are some shots from the clean-up which I’ve always felt, visually speaking, was a very underrated part of the process.  I mean look at that!  So  inky.  So beautiful.

LeeAnnDiCicco_LunarModule5 LeeAnnDiCicco_LunarModule6


*It has come to my attention that mouse tummies are not pink.  That may explain why this phrase is not catching on…like, at all!


No diggity, I’ve got to (tote) bag it up…

IMG_3157 IMG_3172 -1 -2 BlockFace IMG_3182Hey everybody!  I have been doing a lot of carving and a lot of printing in preparation for tomorrow’s Fresno Mini Maker Faire!  We printed the woodblock onto somewhere around 75 canvas tote bags.  At the event me and some other members of the Fresno/ CSU Fresno print community will be printing them onto shirts as well!  I’m so delighted that I had the chance to design and print this block for the event, and can’t wait to see what all of the other makers have in store!

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