Summer Woodcut Workshop

Hello everybody!  I just wanted to share a few images from the woodcut printmaking workshop I lead last week at the Fresno Art Museum. It was only a day long workshop and most of the group was totally new to printmaking, but almost everyone managed to complete two pieces.  I was very impressed!

Carving away!

Carving away!

Experimenting with color.

Experimenting with color.

LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint8 LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint6 LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint4

My demo print for the class.

My demo print for the class.

LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint15 LeeAnnDiCiccoPrint16

I’m so excited about my next workshop, printing without a press!  Woot!  P.S. There are also more photos and other printmakerly stuff over at my facebook page.


Radiant Skull


Howdy everybody!  I recently printed an edition verie of woodcuts called “Radiant Skull.”  In an edition verie, as opposed to a regular edition in which all of the prints are more or less identical, a few individual prints in the edition might be printed on different papers or in differnt colors of ink.  In the case of this particular edition verie, every print in the edition of 38 is unique.  I hope you enjoy this little animation I made of the prints!

Woodcut in Progress + Studio Cat

Hello everybody!  I just wanted to share a few shots of a new woodcut print in progress.  BanzonCommission3 BanzonCommission1

Also, here are several pictures of my cat, Gary, sitting on the block while I am trying to carve it.


Gary says "Uh, LeeAnn, I cannot read this! The letters are all backwards!  Also, I am a cat and do not know what reading is!"

Gary says “Uh, LeeAnn, I cannot read this! The letters are all backwards! Also, I am a cat and do not know what reading is!”


No diggity, I’ve got to (tote) bag it up…

IMG_3157 IMG_3172 -1 -2 BlockFace IMG_3182Hey everybody!  I have been doing a lot of carving and a lot of printing in preparation for tomorrow’s Fresno Mini Maker Faire!  We printed the woodblock onto somewhere around 75 canvas tote bags.  At the event me and some other members of the Fresno/ CSU Fresno print community will be printing them onto shirts as well!  I’m so delighted that I had the chance to design and print this block for the event, and can’t wait to see what all of the other makers have in store!

Final Day at the FAM Printmaking Workshop

Hey everybody!  My printmaking workshop at the Fresno Art Museum wrapped up on Saturday. Here are a few shots from the day.  I’m so impressed with the work that everyone produced!workshop1 workshop7 workshop5 workshop2 workshop3 workshop4 workshop6By the way, on Saturday April 12th the Fresno Art Museum will be hosting the Fresno Mini Maker Faire, which is going to be pretty cool.   I’ll be there printing woodblocks onto t-shirts!  So come and say hello!

Workshoppin’ it!

Hey everybody!  For the past few weeks I’ve been leading an intro level printmaking workshop at the Fresno Art Museum, and I just wanted to share a few shots from last week’s session. workshop1 workshop2 workshop3Pretty sweet, huh?  There are a few sessions left, and I will definitely be posting more images of student work as it gets printed. So stay tuned!

Hey! Look what just arrived!

patpostcards1Postcards!  I ordered these to give out as rewards for my crowdfunding thing.  I think they look pretty sharp!

Print in Progress: Lumberjane

Hey everybody!  Here are a few shots of a reduction cut print I’m working on.  I first mentioned it here.  It’s carved out and ready for it’s third run out of five.  Woo!  lumberjane1 lumberjane2 lumberjane3 lumberjane4

Print Give-Away Winner(s)!

Hey everybody!  I am very excited to share with you this morning the winner of the print give-away I have been running on my Facebook Page!  The Grand Prize winner was Anthony B. And he will be receiving this awesome woodcut right here:

Woodcut1And just to express my gratitude  for all the interest in the give-away, I have also decided to give away two bonus consolation prints.  Erika L. And Silvia L. will both be receiving these beautiful two-color lithographs.  LeeAnnDiCicco9Thank you so much to everyone who liked the post and entered the contest.   And don’t forget, there will be more print give-aways to come, so if you have not already liked my Facebook page, do it now!

Print Giveway + Patreon + Print in Progress

Hey guys!  Lots of exciting news today! Basically today’s post is a cornucopia of printmakerly goodness! Ok, first, some pics of the new print I’m working on.  All I’ve got so far is the drawing on the block, but this is destined to become a nice reduction cut print.  Woot woot!

LeeAnnDiCicco2 LeeAnnDiCicco3

I just included this photo because I wanted to share how Gary has chosen my Wacom tablet as his throne.  He's constantly getting snot on everything, but somehow, he's just so regal.

I just included this photo because I wanted to share how Gary has chosen my Wacom tablet as his throne. He’s constantly getting snot on everything, but somehow, he’s just so regal.

Alright!  And here’s the next tantalizingly delicious slice of announcement pie: I recently launched a Patreon campaign!  What’s Patreon, you ask? Patreon is a website that connects people who make things with people who want to support them.  Through my Patreon campaign I am raising funds so that I can buy printmaking equipment and keep myself stocked with ink and paper and blocks of wood and all that good stuff.  In exchange I am rewarding contributors with prints! I think it’s a pretty good deal.  You can find out more and read all about the awards available here.

And last but not least, I just started a print give-away contest on my Facebook.  Just like the post announcing the contest and you will be entered to win your very own woodcut!  Does life get any better than this?  I don’t think so!

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